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Welcome! - Temporal Wanderings
Ten and before

delicateone posting in Temporal Wanderings
User: temporal_wander (posted by delicateone)
Date: 2006-08-18 18:36
Subject: Welcome!
Security: Public
Tags:doctor who
Hello and welcome to Temporal Wanderings...

This community is for the most part Ten-centric, however all faces of the Doctor are welcome. There is only one major rule - while Rose is a popular and much written of character she is NOT permitted in this community. This is nothing against the character, merely that there are plenty of other places that cater to her and her relationship with Nine and Ten. Temporal Wanderings wishes to promote other companions or other character options and allow a little more breathing room in developing the Doctor. Any other kind of pairing is therefore fine - Ten or any other Doctor can be with whoever you want - old companions, new companions, companions to be, they can be shipped or not. Also G rated to NC-17 is allowed.

Looking forward to the Fic!!
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